Turn over a new leaf…

Plates bowls and straws made of leaves

Natural compostable & biodegradable

Our leaf plates and bowls, the only products of its kind in North America are made from only leaves. No chemicals no additives no glue. Just 3-4 layers of leaves strewn together with bamboo twigs and moulded briefly on a heat press. In essence once used they are no different from the leaves lying around the backyard, especially in the fall…

Rustic look and feel

Our products have an exotic and rustic look and feel. Our customers really appreciate this fact. It brings a more natural and rich experience to wherever you are using them, be it house parties, picnics, outdoor festivals or just a backyard barbecue. Guests are going to love these conversation starters.

Palm leaf straws

Made from dried coconut palm leaves, these are sturdy and don’t go soggy in your drink like paper straws. These have no after-taste and are perfect for your beverages. We have them even in 8 mm width so that they are suitable for thicker drinks like shakes and smoothies. And of course zero waste and truly compostable and biodegradable attributes are in the heart of our single use products.


Sustainably produced from prolific tropical forests & manufacturing process does not harm anything…


What’s the cost of food chain destruction? Naturally composting materials are what our planet needs…


Backyard or municipal facility – can compost anywhere. They’re no different than the fall leaves…

The coolest single use zero waste serveware

  • Truly zero waste – no restrictions about particular controlled municipal conditions for composting – same as fall leaves or grass clippings in your backyard
  • Sturdy leak proof and good for hot or cold or liquid foods
  • These are microwave safe
  • Available in sizes from small sampling bowls (3″) to large dinner plates (11″)
  • No trees are slaughtered to produce these… only mature leaves ready to fall are harvested and used 

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