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Products & FAQs

What are they made of?

Shorea Robusta leaves, which are available in abundance in tropical forests. No trees are felled – just mature leaves harvested

How are they made?

Few leaves are put together with small bamboo twigs to make a layer. Depending on the size of the plate / bowls, 3 to 4 layers of leaves are put in a mold and briefly heat pressed to create the finished product. The natural wax of the leaves is released during the process to stick the layers together.

Are they leak proof?

The 3 to 4 layers of leaves we use make our products very sturdy and leak proof, making them suitable for soups and gravies.

Are these products edible?

Surprisingly we get this question a lot. No these are not edible and go straight to the “green bin” after you finish eating your food 🙂

How do I get them?


Vegan Supply

Nature’s Fare stores in the lower mainland

Order in bulk directly from us

How much do they cost?

Prices of products available are displayed at retailers like Amazon. For B2B wholesale prices drop us a line for our complete price list.

Can they be used for any food?

Yes our products are designed for any kind of foods whether hot or cold or liquid. 

Can they go in the microwave?

Yes our products have been tested for microwave safety. You can warm up your leftovers – no problem 🙂

How long do they take to compost?

Our products are literally just leaves. Like the ones you pick up from your backyard in the fall and throw in the compost bin. There’s no other ingredients. So yes, they compost easily in a few weeks, like any other organic matter and don’t need a controlled scientific municipal facility to do so 🙂

What about delivery?

Our products on amazon are “Prime” products and include free shipping. For wholesale quantities we deliver orders over $100 free in the Metro Vancouver area. For orders under $100 we charge a $5 delivery fee or you can always pick it up.

For our customers outside metro Vancouver the following apply:

Orders over $250 – free shipping

Orders $100 – $250 – we pay half the shipping cost

Orders under $100 – the customer pays for shipping

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we try to offer discounts as and when we are able. To avail of them please sign up for our news emails below and we’ll keep you posted.

On your first order from us you get a 25% discount.

Every time you refer a friend and they make a purchase:

– you get 25% off your next purchase

– your friend gets 25% off their first purchase

I want to be a reseller

Folium is looking forward to expanding all over North America. We are looking for wholesalers / distributors / resellers in various cities in North America right now. We intend to offer exclusive area coverage and will support you with our marketing efforts as well. Drop us a line to learn more.

Dinner and side plates

We guarantee these plates are sturdier than plastic, paper and fibre plates. They feel strong and lets you freely “pile up” the grub from the buffet. The Sol L is a great look for outdoor weddings. The Sol S works very well for house parties. The Sol M is perfect for parties and events.


These are about an inch deep and are excellent for soups and desserts. Yes hot soups are perfectly safe in these 🙂

PS – don’t forget to check out our oval bowls from the catalogue. They’re really cool!

Samplers and dippers

These are the little guys. They are cute and functional and perfect for dips. Our customers use them for booth / stall samplers and also to adorn grazing boards. The Luna L is also the perfect size for snacks like “vada pav” (there’s one for “hey google”)!!


Yes we have them. These are made from coconut palm leaves and are our featured product. They do not go soggy in a drink for at least 3 hours and have no funny after taste. And if you’re having a cocktail these really take the aesthetics to the next level. We are able to customize the size of these straws based on your bulk requirements.

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